21700 4500mAh High Capacity Li-ion Battery NCM Cell For Home Appliances

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: iSPACE
  • Certification: CE UN38.3 MSDS
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    Industry-leading Efficiency

    Studies have shown that the 21700 4500mah battery produces more heat during high-current charging and discharging, so the polarization of the battery is correspondingly smaller. At the same time, the energy density can be increased by about 6% due to the decrease in the proportion of inactive materials such as the casing.



    Cost-Effective >

    In the case of appropriately increasing the energy density, conventional materials with stable performance and high cost performance can be selected.

    High Performance >

    The multi-electrode mechanism can be appropriately designed to reduce the internal resistance. Under the same energy density, the fast charging characteristic graphite can be selected to improve the fast charging performance.

    High Capacity >

    Appropriately increasing the diameter and height can get a more effective volume. The capacity of the single cell increases, the proportion of auxiliary components decreases, and the battery component cost decreases.

    Quick Detail

    Product Name: 21700 4500mah Lithium battery OEM/ODM: Acceptable
    Nom. Capacity: 4500mah Operating Voltage (V): 72g±4g
    Warranty: 12 Months/one Year

    Product Parameters

    Nom. Capacity (Ah) 4.5
    Operating Voltage (V) 2.75 - 4.2
    Nom. Energy (Wh) 16.2
    Mass (g) 72g±4g
    Continuous Discharge Current(A) 4.5
    Pulse Discharge Current(A) 10s 9
    Nom. Charge  Current(A) 0.9

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    Product Applications


    Wide range of applications: notebook computers, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instrumentation, audio equipment, model airplanes, toys, camcorders, digital cameras, new energy vehicles, medical industry and other electronic equipment.

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    21700 lithium battery 4500mah
    21700 4500mah cylindrical lithium cells
    21700 4500mah cylindrical cells

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