Lithium-ion Battery Cycle Performance


The production process of lithium-ion batteries is complicated. Among them, the importance of cycle performance to lithium-ion batteries needless to say, and its impact on the performance of lithium-ion batteries is very important. On the macro level, longer cycle life means less resource consumption. The cycle life of the battery is an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the battery.

Material type: The choice of material is a factor that affects the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

Positive and negative electrode compaction: The positive and negative electrode compaction is too high, although it can increase the energy density of the battery, but it will also reduce the cycle performance of the material to a certain extent.

Moisture: Excessive moisture will cause side reactions with the positive and negative active materials, destroy its structure and affect circulation. At the same time, too much moisture is not conducive to the formation of SEI film.

Coating film density: It is almost impossible to consider the influence of film density on the cycle of a single variable.

Excessive negative electrode: In addition to the influence of the first irreversible capacity and the density deviation of the coating film, the reason for the excessive negative electrode is also a consideration for the impact on the cycle performance.

Electrolyte volume: There are three main reasons for the insufficient electrolyte volume to affect the circulation. One is insufficient injection volume, and the second is that although the injection volume is sufficient, the aging time is not enough or the positive and negative electrodes are not immersed due to high compaction. Sufficiently, the third is that the electrolyte inside the battery cell is consumed with the circulation.

Summary: Just like the wooden barrel principle, among the many factors that affect the cycle performance of the battery, the final decisive factor is the shortest among many factors. At the same time, these influencing factors also have interactive effects.

Post time: Nov-15-2021