350V 100Ah/200Ah

High Voltage Power Pack

The iSPACE's high-voltage power lithium-ion battery pack remains reliable through up to thousands of charge-discharge cycles. Because of the high energy density, High voltage power pack could increase energy storage density by 400% in today's electric cars and petrol-electric hybrids.

High Energy Density

Frequent Use Dont Affect Life

Longer Battery Life


High voltage Battery

Smart BMS Protection

Excellent Safety Performance

Power Your Electric Vehicles

See How It Works In EV

High voltage battery packs are now widely used in electric buses, trucks and electric vehicles. The high voltage lithium ion battery pack offers several advantages over traditional ICE vehicles, such as higher energy efficiency, reduced emissions, quieter and smoother operation, and greater acceleration.


Ensure The Safety Of Use Process

Intelligent Protection System

Because the high voltage power battery pack is mostly used in electric buses, electric vehicles and other transportation tools, so its safety requirements are very high. High voltage power lithium ion battery pack built-in battery management system to ensure that the battery pack is absolutely safe and reliable in the use process.

How To Produce

Automotive TS16949

iSPACE is the world's leading manufacturer of high voltage power packs. We have excellent talent team, fully automatic production line, high tech production machines. iSPACE produces high voltage power battery packs in strict accordance with requirements higher than national standards so that users can use them with confidence.

Viewing Technical Specifications
  Rated Capacity 100Ah/200Ah(Tailor Made)
  Nominal Voltage 350V(Tailor Made)
  Voltage Range DC 200V-750V
  Rated Charging Current DC 50A
  Rated Discharging Current DC 50A
  Operating Temp. Rang Charging: 0~55℃
Discharging: -15~55℃
  Cooling Mode Natural cooling
  Dimensions TBD
  Weight TBD
  Protection Degree Cabinet IP55/Battery IP67
  Communication with BMS RS485
  Upgrade Local/Remote upgrade