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Cylindrical Cell

iSPACE's cylindrical cell series includes 14500/14650/18350/18650/21700/26650/32700/LTO, etc. The automation level of cylindrical cell production is very high because of its own structural characteristics and the standardization of its model. This allows for a high degree of consistency and a corresponding increase in yield.

High Energy

High Density

Mature Technology


Low Self-Discharge Rate

Good Monomer Consistency

Good Mechanical Properties

Easy To Install

See How It Works In Toys

Cylindrical lithium battery has high energy density and high average output voltage. Moreover, its self-discharge is small, cylindrical lithium battery has no memory effect, so it is very durable and has a long life. That's why many children’s toys now use cylindrical lithium batteries.

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Widely Used

Suitable For A Variety Of Applications

This cylindrical battery is widely used and can be applied to the following products:cash-machine,POS Terminal,monitor,barcode scanner,taxi-machine, portable voting device, lighting, fire alarm sensors, mineequipment, speaker, GPS tracekr, car video-registry, stand-alone telemechanic syster, GSM-modem ect.

How To Produce

Professional Production Line

iSPACE is the world's leading new energy innovation technology company, dedicated to providing first-class solutions and services for new energy applications around the world. The cell products cover prismatic, pouch, cylindrical, etc., with the most professional technology to produce the highest quality products.

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