High Type/High Energy Type

Mega ESS

iSPACE's Mega ESS series includes high type/high energy type. Microgrid is a collection of the advanced, reliable, integrated, low-carbon, environment friendly intelligent equipment, based on the information digitization, communication platform network, information sharing standardization. The Microgrid operates with diesel generator and central control system.

Easy Installation

Energy Conservation

Cost Saving


Advanced Technology


Low carbon

Easy To Install

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Solar Home System-Small can be used in remote areas without electricity such as plateau, island, pastoral areas, border posts and other military and civilian life electricity, such as lighting, TV, cassette recorder and so on.In the event of an unexpected network interruption, Mega Ess will provide an automatic response, which provides a way to ensure the stability of the grid.


Energy Conservation

Environmental friendly

Mega Esss achieves a perfect combination and balance of the different advantages between renewable energy and non-renewable resources. Light weight, convenient installation and convenient transportation. Intelligent automatic control reduces operation and management costs.

Professional Production Line

Professional Production Line

In the process of iSPACE building the clean, distributed, and flexible power grid system needed in the future, batteries play a vital role. This is unmatched by past solutions. We provide integrated solutions and integrated guarantees. Strive to become a customer-oriented world-class intelligent manufacturing integrated solution service provider.

Viewing Technical Specifications

High Power Type

High Energy Type

Model KCE-5061 KCE-3996 KCE-1864 KCE-5299 KCE-2472
Installed Energy(MWh) 5.06 3.99 1.86 5.29 2.47
Max Power(Continuous) Discharge(MW) 20.24 15.98 7.45 10.59 4.94
Max Power(Continuous) Charge(MW) 20.24 15.98 7.45 10.59 4.94
DC Efficiency >97%[C/2 rate] >97%[C/2 rate] >97%[C/2 rate] >97%[C/2 rate] >97%[C/2 rate]
DC Voltage 660-998V 660-998V 660-998V 660-998V 660-998V
Approx. Dimensions(ft) 53' 40' 20' 40' 20'
Ambient Operating Temperature Range -20-50 -20-50 -20-50 -20-50 -20-50
Enclosure details IP54, IEC 60529 IP54, IEC 60529 IP54, IEC 60529 IP54, IEC 60529 IP54, IEC 60529

*More models are also available.