Lithium Ion Cells Can Be Divided Into Pouch, Prismatic And Cylindrical By Shape, And Can Be Divided Into Lfp And NCM/NMC By Material. We Offer A Variety Of Cells To Meet The Requirements For Both Transportation And Industrial Applications.

39Ah NCM NMC Pouch Deep Cycle Cell Lithium-ion Battery

26Ah NCM NMC Lithium-ion Cell Safety Pouch Battery For EV RV

40Ah LFP Cell Super Power Prismatic Lithium Ion Battery For EV

105Ah LFP Deep Cycle Lifepo4 Battery Rechargeable Prismatic Cellsy

As A New Application Scenario, Lithium Ion Battery For Energy Storage Has Been Paid More And More Attention. Due To Its High Energy Density, High Conversion Efficiency And Rapid Response, Lithium Ion Battery Has A Broad Prospect In The Application Of Large Energy Storage System.

7680Wh 48V 150Ah Powerwall Residential Battery Energy Storage System Home UPS

9600Wh 48V 200Ah Wall-mounted Powerwall Home Solar Energy Storage System

30000mAh Lithium Ion Battry Fast Charge Power Bank For Cellphone

Portable UPS Battery Large Capacity Li-ion Power Station For Camping

Power Battery Pack Is Developed On The Basis Of Disposable Lithium Battery. Power Battery Pack Has No Recall, Low Self-discharge Rate, Environmental Protection, High Specific Energy, High Specific Power And Many Other Advantages, Used In Electric Vehicles, Electric Motorcycles And Other Fields.

12V 105Ah 100Ah Lifepo4 Pack Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Garts

24V 90Ah Electric Bicycle Lifpeo4 Battery New Tech Lithium Ion Batteries

60V 40Ah-60Ah Safety Rechargeable Lithium Ion Boat Battery Pack

72V 40Ah Super Power Rechargeable Lifepo4 Golf Gart Battery Pack