Prismatic Cell

iSPACE's prismatic cell series includes 40/50/100/105/272/280Ah, etc. The structure of the prismatic battery is relatively simple, unlike the cylindrical battery with high strength stainless steel as the shell and explosion-proof safety valve and other accessories, so the overall weight of the accessory should be light, relatively high energy density.

Highly Efficient

Simple Structure

Large Capacity


Higher Space Utilization

Relatively Easy To Expand

High Encapsulation Reliability

Easy To Install

See How It Works In EV

The prismatic lithium battery is an integral part of many ESS battery packs and power battery packs, which can be applied to electric vehicles, home energy systems, RV, solar photovoltaic systems and other industries.At the same time, the prismatic batteries are safe enough to be used in both passenger and commercial vehicles, both electric and hybrid.

235 (4)
235 (5)

Excellent Stability

Excellent Safety Performance

The prismatic battery has a large capacity, so the system structure is relatively simple, which makes it possible to monitor the cell one by one, and the stability is relatively good. The stability of prismatic batteries makes them widely used in transportation.

How To Produce

Professional Production Line

iSPACE is the world's leading new energy innovation technology company, dedicated to providing first-class solutions and services for new energy applications around the world. The cell products cover prismatic, pouch, cylindrical, etc., with the most professional technology to produce the highest quality products.