Rechargeable Cylindrical Cell

The rechargeable battery series is one of iSPACE's most popular products. The rechargeable battery series includes AA, AAA, 9V, USB 21700, USB 16340 and more. Rechargeable batteries use lithium ion as raw material and can be recycled, so they are mostly used in 3C products such as cameras, mobile phones and laptops.

High Level Safety

Fast Charge

Low Temperature Discharge

1Rechargeable Cell

High Energy Density

Long Cycle Life


Easy To Install

See How It Works In 3C Product

Rechargeable lithium batteries are now widely used in consumer electronics because they are small, light, easy to install and recyclable. Users can charge their cameras anytime and anywhere by using rechargeable lithium batteries, which greatly facilitates people's life and improves the quality of life.


High Strength Design

Excellent Safety Performance

The characteristics of this lithium battery are super power and advanced carbon, which can improve safety and high energy density, improve cycle life, impedance and safety of new electrolyte formula and anti-explosive design.

How To Produce

Professional Production Line

iSPACE is a very professional new energy technology company specializing in the production and operation of lithium ion batteries, with top technology, professional factory and first-class team.