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NCM/LFP/Polymer/Cell Phone Battery

Pouch Cell

iSPACE's pouch cell series includes NCM/LFP/Polymer/Cell Phone Battery, etc. Pouch lithium battery adopts aluminum plastic film packaging in structure, which has many advantages such as small volume, light weight, high energy, high safety, flexible design and so on.iSPACE can customize a variety of pouch cell sizes according to the specific needs of customers.

Good Safety Performance

Internal Resistance Is Small

Good Discharge Characteristic


Light Weight

Large Capacity

Flexible Design

Easy To Install

See How It Works In Drone

Pouch cells are more suitable for portable, space or thickness demanding applications, such as 3C consumer electronics, drones, etc. The pouch cell has obvious advantages in terms of energy density, and at present, the single cell is also developing towards the direction of large capacity and high multiplier, which meets the requirements of mobile power supply in the uav field.

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Variable Design

Design Can Be Customized

The design of pouch lithium batteries is very flexible and can be used in a variety of applications. The size and shape of the pouch cell can be customized according to customer’s needs, and new cell models can be developed.

How To Produce

Professional Production Line

iSPACE is the world's leading new energy innovation technology company, dedicated to providing first-class solutions and services for new energy applications around the world. The cell products cover prismatic, pouch, cylindrical, etc., with the most professional technology to produce the highest quality products.