12V 105Ah 100Ah Lifepo4 Pack Lithium Ion Battery For Golf Garts

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: iSPACE
  • Certification: CE UN38.3 MSDS
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    Industry-leading Efficiency

    The 12V 105Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is our new product. This is a versatile deep cycle battery. It features an improved built-in battery management system (BMS) that keeps the battery running at peak performance while preventing overheating, overcharging, and maximizing battery cycle life.The 12V 105Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is now widely used in electric forklifts, yachts, golf carts and other scenarios.



    High Quality >

    Grade A+ High Quality LifePo4 Lithium Battery, Long Lifespan.Higher Safety Performance, Wide Operating Temperature Range and High Temperature Resistance.

    Safety >

    Over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection and equalization function, more safe to use.

    High Performance >

    The 12v 105Ah battery pack has low internal resistance, low self - consumption and high performance.

    Quick Detail

    Product Name: 12V 105Ah lifepo4 battery pack Battery type: LiFePO4 Battery Pack
    OEM/ODM: Acceptable Cycle life: 1000 times
    Warranty: 12 Months/one Year  Floating Charge Lifespan:  10years@25°C
    Lifecycle: >1000 cycles (@25°C, 1C, 85%D0D, > 10years)

    Product Parameters

    Norninal Voltage 12.8V Dimensions(L*W*H) 260*168*211mm
    Norninal Capacity 105Ah Weight 11.5KG
    Capacity@10A 300min Terminal Type M8
    Enerrgy 1344wh Case Material ABS
    Resistance ≤30mΩ@50% SOC Enclosure Protection IP56
    Ellicienty 99% Cell Type Prismatic
    Self Discharge <3.5% per Month Chemistry LiFeP04
    Maximum Modules in Series Or Parallel 6 Configuration 4S1P
    Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 100A Recommended Charge Current 50A
    Peak Discharge Current 260A[≤5s] Maximum Charge Current 100A
    BMS Discharge Current Cut-Dff 300A±50A[2.2±1ms] Recommended Charge Votage 14.6A
    RecommendedlowVolageDisconnect 8v BMS Charge Voltage Cut-Off 15.6(3.9±0.1V)
    BMS Dischaige Votage Cut-Dff 8v(2.0±0.08vpc)
    Reconnect Voltage 15.2(38±0.1V)
    Reconnect Voltage 10v(2.5±0.1vpc) Balancing Voltage 14.4V(3.6±0.025vpc)
    Short curcuit Protection 200-400ps Balancing Current 35±5mA
    Discharge Temperature -4to140℉[-20to60℃] Certifications
    Shipping Classification
    UN3480 CLASS 9
    Low Ternperature Cut-Off[Chargel 32℉[0℃][Customized]
    High Ternperature Cut-Off[Chargel 129.2℉[54℃][Customized]

    *The company reserves the final right for explanation on any of the information presented hereby

    Product Applications


    The 12v 105Ah battery pack has been widely used in forklift trucks, yachts and other scenarios, our company provides professional battery pack in all specifications to meet the different needs of consumers.

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    12v 100ah battery
    100ah 12v lifepo4
    12v 105ah rechargeable battery

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