Analysis and Solutions of Common Technical Problems of Lithium Battery UPS


We have found that many lithium battery UPS failure phenomena are caused by factors such as battery, mains power, use environment and improper use method, which cause UPS power supply failure. Today we have specially sorted out the cause analysis and solutions for common problems of lithium battery UPS, hoping to help everyone.

The voltage of the lithium battery UPS power supply is inconsistent, and some are low. Large self-discharge causes low voltage, which can be eliminated by checking the voltage after storage. Uneven charging causes low voltage, which can be solved by charging. Stored for more than 24 hours to measure the voltage after being charged during production. The internal resistance of the lithium battery UPS is too large. Lithium batteries are stored for too long, resulting in excessive capacity loss, internal passivation, and large internal resistance, which can be solved by charging and discharging activation.

The voltage of the aluminum shell cell after spot welding is lower than 3.7V, generally because the spot welding current roughly breaks down the internal diaphragm of the cell and short-circuits, causing the voltage to drop too fast. Generally, it is caused by incorrect spot welding position. Others have poor weldability of spot welded nickel tape, so high current spot welding must be used, so that the internal high temperature resistant tape can not work, resulting in internal short circuit of the battery. Part of the battery power loss after spot welding is due to the large self-discharge of the battery itself.

The above is the analysis and solution of common technical problems of lithium battery UPS. With the rapid development of science and technology, the use of lithium battery UPS is becoming wider and wider, but lithium battery UPS accidents in daily life always emerge in endlessly. So everyone must pay attention to some things when using it, and at the same time, it is necessary to maintain the lithium ion battery UPS regularly, so that its life will be greatly extended.

Post time: Dec-14-2021