Complete Battery Manufacturing Process


How the battery is manufactured? For the battery system, the battery cell, as a small unit of the battery system, is composed of many cells to form a module, and then a battery pack is formed by multiple modules. This is the basic of the power battery structure.

For the battery, the battery is like a container for storing electrical energy. The capacity is determined by the amount of active material covered by the positive and negative plates. The design of the positive and negative electrode pole pieces needs to be tailored according to different models. The gram capacity of the positive and negative materials, the ratio of active materials, the thickness of the pole piece, and the compaction density are also crucial to the capacity.

Stirring process: Stirring is to stir the active material into a slurry through a vacuum mixer.

Coating process: spread the stirred slurry evenly on the upper and lower sides of the copper foil.

Cold pressing and pre-cutting: In the rolling workshop, the pole pieces attached with positive and negative materials are rolled by rollers. The cold-pressed pole pieces are cut according to the size of the battery to be produced, and the generation of burrs is fully controlled.

Die-cutting and slitting of tabs: The die-cutting process of tabs is to use a die-cutting machine to form the lead tabs for the battery cells, and then cut the battery tabs with a cutter.

Winding process: The positive electrode sheet, the negative electrode sheet, and the separator of the battery are combined into a bare cell by winding.

Baking and liquid injection: The baking process of the battery is to make the water inside the battery reach the standard, and then inject the electrolyte into the battery cell.

Formation: Formation is the process of activating the cells after liquid injection. Through charging and discharging, a chemical reaction occurs inside the cells to form an SEI film to ensure the safety, reliability and long cycle life of the subsequent cells during the charge and discharge cycle.

Post time: Nov-22-2021