What should We Do if the Power Lithium-ion Battery Pack Catches Fire?

After fully understanding the cause of the lithium battery pack catching fire, it is necessary to mention what we should do to extinguish the fire after a fire occurs. After the lithium battery pack catches a fire, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the people present should be evacuated in time. Four methods are listed below, let’s understand them one by one.

1. If it is only a small fire, the high-voltage battery part is not affected by the flame, and carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish the fire.

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2. If the high-voltage battery is distorted or deformed severely during a severe fire, it may be a problem with the battery. Then we have to take out a lot of water to extinguish the fire, it must be a very large amount of water.

3. When checking the specific situation of the fire, do not touch any high-voltage components. Be sure to use insulated tools during the entire inspection.

4. Be patient when putting out the fire, it may take a whole day. Thermal imaging cameras are available if available, and thermal camera surveillance can ensure that the high-voltage batteries are fully cooled before the accident is over. If this condition is not present, the battery should be monitored throughout until the lithium-ion battery pack is no longer hot. Make sure there is still no problem after at least an hour. We need a lot of time and energy to put out the fire to ensure that it will not happen again, but you don’t have to worry so much, lithium battery packs are not explosive, and such a big accident will not happen under normal circumstances.

Systems that use lithium-ion batteries may need to continue to use and develop some suppression and fire suppression systems to reduce the chance of negative accidents and thus control risks, so that the battery system can be used with confidence. It is best to use lithium battery packs in accordance with safety regulations, and do not use or destroy them at will.

Lithium batteries can spontaneously ignite and then explode due to overheating. Whether it is a large battery in the energy storage industry, a battery in the field of electric new energy, or a smaller battery used in electronic equipment, there are certain risks. Therefore, we need to use lithium battery packs safely and reasonably, and do not buy inferior products.

Post time: Jan-10-2022