350V 100Ah 200Ah Prismatic Lifepo4 Fast Charging Marine Battery Pack

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: iSPACE
  • Certification: CE UN38.3 MSDS
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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  • Price(USD) : To be negotiated
  • Payments: Western Union, T/T, L/C, Paypal
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    Industry-leading Efficiency

    High voltage batteries mean high energy density and high discharge platform. Under the same conditions of use, high-voltage batteries can release more capacity. So its battery life is longer and its power is stronger.



    High Energy >

    High energy density, longer battery life, up to 15% than ordinary batteries; capable of mass production and good battery cell consistency.

    Long Cycle Life >

    It can meet the service life of 3 years and meet the needs of high and low temperatures and different magnifications. Power industry applications.

    High Performance >

    Under the same rate and size, the battery energy density is increased by about 15%; the rate cycle performance can meet the requirement of maintaining 80% of the original capacity after 300 times.

    Quick Detail

    Product name Rechargeable 350V 100Ah/200Ah High Voltage Power Pack
    Rated Capacity 100Ah/200Ah
    Nominal Voltage 350V
    OEM/ODM Acceptable
    Warranty 12 Months/one Year

    Product Parameters

    Rated Capacity 100Ah/200Ah(Tailor Made)
    Nominal Voltage 350V(Tailor Made)
    Voltage Range DC 200V-750V
    Rated Charging Current DC 50A
    Rated Discharging Current DC 50A
    Operating Temp. Rang Charging: 0~55℃
    Discharging: -15~55℃
    Cooling Mode Natural cooling
    Dimensions TBD
    Weight TBD
    Protection Degree Cabinet IP55/Battery IP67
    Communication with BMS RS485
    Upgrade Local/Remote upgrade
    Can be tailor made based on the technical requirements .

    *The company reserves the final right for explanation on any of the information presented hereby

    Product Applications


    High voltage power battery packs are generally widely used in yachts and automobiles, which can increase the endurance time. The energy of a high-voltage lithium battery is higher than that of an ordinary battery, and its battery life will increase under the same use environment.

    Detailed Images

    Marine Battery Pack
    350V Battery
    High Voltage Pack

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