48V 6Ah 8Ah Start Stop Lifepo4 Super Power Battery For Automotive

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  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: iSPACE
  • Certification: CE UN38.3 MSDS
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    Industry-leading Efficiency

    The 48V hybrid operating modes include Start/Stop, Boost, Sailing/ActiveEngine-Offcoasting, and Coasting. The most important thing is that when the engine is in a state of shutdown.,The 48V large-capacity battery uses the stored energy to maintain the normal operation of the on-board electrical, and the engine can be started quickly at any time. And it converts kinetic energy into electricity and stores it in the battery, reducing fuel consumption by about 7% with the energy recovery function.



    Environmental Protection >

    The use of 48v start stop battery can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and adapt to national policies.

    Reduce The Loss >

    The 48v start stop battery increases the working voltage of on-board electrical appliances to 48V, which can further reduce the loss and reduce the outer diameter of the wiring harness.

    Cost Savings >

    Lower than 60V safe voltage, no need to take additional voltage protection, compared with high voltage hybrid system, lower cost.

    Quick Detail

    Product Name: 48V start stop battery lifepo4 power battery for automotive Battery type: LiFePO4 Battery Pack
    OEM/ODM: Acceptable Electrode(W/kg) : ultraphosphate 5900
    Warranty: 12 Months/one Year pack cooling: passively cooled
    Lifecycle: >1000 cycles (@25°C, 1C, 85%D0D, > 10years)

    Product Parameters

    Module Specification

    Capacity(Ah) 6 8
    Electrode(W/kg) ultraphosphate 5900 ultraphosphate 5900
    Cell form
    Configuration 14s1p 14s1p
    10s RT discharge(kw) 12 15
    pack cooling passively cooled passively cooled
    pack physical siza(mm) 180*304*92 180*304*96

    *The company reserves the final right for explanation on any of the information presented hereby

    Product Applications


    One of the main functions of the 48v start stop battery is to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery, saving fuel consumption for the user. Currently, the b48v start stop battery is widely used in Europe.

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    lithium ion golf cart batteries 48v

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